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david o’hara

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O'HARA, U.S: TREASURY: "OPERATION: SPREAD" Robert Colbert, Jo Anne Meredith Guest Stars. 11-5-1971.

David O’hara Video

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Symetis Transaction. For more details, write to pallavi. Boston Scientific Corporation - 11 - Mechanical Engineer Intern Job Description A Mechanical Engineering Intern will develop products, materials, processes, or equipment for projects of moderate complexity.

Compiles, analyzes, and reports operational, test, and research data June Investor Day Presentation - Boston Scientific.

The company currently serves numerous Minneapolis business customers and data centers including Boston Scientific, Protolabs, and Home Furniture.

The network expansion also will connect tw telecom services directly to data center customers in the western suburbs.

We have received generous donations of accessories for the program from Boston Scientific and Cook Medical.

Renal denervation consists of passing a catheter into the renal arteries and ablating their sympathetic nerves using radiofrequency energy.

The company's Lotus Edge Aortic valve system is an investigational device in the U. Paper Pillars of a Successful SAS Boston Scientific Corporation is a company dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.

It develops, manufactures, and markets medical device products used across a range of medical specialties including interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, peripheral.

All rights reserved. A total of 14 patients underwent revision surgeries in the study. SpyGlass DS-guided conversion of transmural pancreaticogastrostomy drainage to transpapillary drainage by rendezvous via a lumen-apposing metal stent The company currently serves numerous Minneapolis business customers and data centers including Boston Scientific, Protolabs, and Home Furniture.

Health economic and reimbursement information provided by Boston Scientific Corporation is gathered from third-party sources and is subject to change without notice as a result of complex and frequently changing laws, regulations, rules and policies.

Lee bsci. Spalding bsci. And providers of age verification, loyalty and time-and-attendance solutions often will reward merchant sales reps with signing bonuses for each application deployed.

Not only do you improve the operations within a merchant's location, you line your pockets with new dough from the deal.

Value-added applications also can be used to open new market opportunities beyond payment. Use age verification services to get your foot in the door at liquor stores, convenience stores and age-restricted venues such as bars, nightclubs and casinos.

Use electronic check applications to sell to check-accepting service providers, including doctors' offices and hair salons.

Use IP-enabled countertop terminals to enter new markets where speed rules, including quick service restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, parking lots, movie theaters and concert venues.

Step 5: Keep Moving Forward. Keep Making Money Once you have established a relationship with the merchant, you have an ongoing opportunity to "upsell" more services in the future.

What's next? No one can accurately predict the next wave of innovation at the point-of-sale. But one thing you can count on: Savvy merchant sales reps will be armed with solutions that aren't limited to today's standards.

Step 4: New Communications Speed New Market Entry Terminals that offer advanced modular design provide you with a better opportunity to add features, services and applications as they come to market.

This allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition and to future-proof your solutions as well as your income.

Advanced Internet Protocol IP terminals can become true moneymakers for merchant sales reps who stay ahead of the technology curve.

The ability to offer a solution that delivers a secure SSL transaction in seconds creates an unbelievable value proposition for you and your merchant customers.

Page 43 Balakgie from Page 1 ciations," she laughs , where she has served on the boards of the association and its Foundation, is finishing a term as Fellows Chairman and will continue as one of lifelong Fellows.

While the combination of her fresh perspective and experience will definitely contribute to steering ETA in a new direction, Balakgie is quick to stress that she is not leading the organization on her own.

My role is to guide the organization, to help it develop and reach its potential," she says. They want to know what this change is going to mean.

They were ready to move to the next level. I was hired to build on the superb foundation that was already in place.

I will be enabling this organization to succeed. Then she can work on getting to know all about ETA, its members and what they all do for a living.

The doors to the new ETA office opened officially July 1, , but Balakgie was hard at work for two months before that making sure the move from Kansas City, Mo.

She'll be working with a staff of five, once they're all hired, who will handle membership, marketing, education, communications and operational duties.

Production of ETA's magazine, Transaction Trends, and two annual conferences will be outsourced, but Balakgie says ETA will retain control of content and style of the publication and events.

There are no major changes in store for ETA as Balakgie gets acquainted with the members and gets a feel for the payment industry, she says.

When I was hired, it was stressed to me that we need to continue to enable people to come together to meet and do business.

What we do best is put on a good business-to-business trade show. That's essential in an industry that is changing continually. The trade shows are the heart and soul of what we do.

It's an important strategic issue to be able to include this important constituency. The leaders of ETA understand and feel a sense of priority around this issue.

Beyond that, Balakgie says ETA's long-term plans will include advocacy for the payment industry through the development of better relations with industry, governmental and regulatory agencies, part of the reasoning behind the move to Washington, D.

She has been in Washington for 20 years. Her learning curve includes familiarizing herself with various issues in the industry and concerns among members.

One issue she already has heard about is the opinion of some that not enough independent agents can participate in ETA. She says she will be looking further into how to reach out to more people in the industry and create an association that more accurately reflects the people working in it.

Balakgie attended the NEAA conference in June and also will attend other regional conferences scheduled this summer, such as the Midwest and Southeast Acquirers Associations meetings.

The educational component of ETA University is also a particularly important focus for Balakgie, she says. The more people know, the better able they are to do their jobs.

When there is a level of knowledge and professional standards, people are better able to run their businesses. It allows all ships to rise.

Balakgie would like the ETAU curriculum to include a distance learning tool to "offer quick, flexible approaches to reach people who maybe can't take advantage of classes offered" in the traditional settings.

This is a dynamic industry, consumer driven and technology enabled. Part of the reason I took this position is that there is a lot of activity and a lot of growth inherent in it.

Some might see this as chaos, but I welcome it! Getting to know the people who "I consider association management to be both running a business and a way of making a contribution, of giving something back.

My career has been in association management. When you work for a trade association, you immerse yourself in the industry you serve. I expect the staff and myself to be knowledgeable and immersed.

We can never lose sight of that. In this first of a two-part series, we'll look at vendor selection, including equipment providers, leasing companies, check conversion and guarantee providers, and gift card and loyalty programs.

Neither you as a Merchant Level Salesperson nor your merchant bankcard program provider can do everything on your own.

We all rely on vendor partners. Because of this, effective vendor partner selection never has been more important. I speak from my own personal experience.

I've been through a minefield of really bad vendors. As a result, I've learned several important lessons while weeding out the good from the bad.

It did not matter how good a job my company was doing. If we had a vendor who was not performing, our sales would be affected immediately.

On the other hand, when our vendors performed really well, our sales increased dramatically. What's the most effective way to select the best-quality vendor partners to ensure your success?

The following three words should be at the forefront of your mind during your discussions and selection: compatibility, service and price.

You first need to find out what type of compatibility and experience a vendor has with your credit card processing company. My first question to any vendor is, "Do you work with Global Payments?

After I conclude my initial discussion with the potential vendor, I phone other businesses that are using their product or service. When I talk with these people, I try to find out how long they've been using this company and the particulars of their deal.

I ask, "Does it work? How do you rate their customer support? Are you happy with the pricing? Press tion is to utilize the 58 MLS Forum and post an applause meter for the vendor you're interested in signing up with.

I see many of you are already doing this, and the MLS Forum reflects just how strategic the selection process is.

Here's what agents are saying about picking the right vendor partner. For easy reference, I've listed them in categories. At the end of the article, I'll give you my opinion on the best way to make a smart selection.

Equipment Providers "Anytime someone moves a piece of paper or does something for you, it costs money. You need to weigh the pros and cons of doing it for yourself vs.

Time also costs money. Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, when asked about his victories in the war of the 'Yankee Aggression,' replied, 'The key to victory is to be the firstest with the mostest,' and that, my friend, is as true today as it was back then.

Nothing infuriates a merchant more than having to wait on equipment. So, whatever it takes to cut the time involved to get equipment installed is the way I would go with the decision.

Bottom line: It's your decision. An identity and pride that comes from being associated with the best. Since , First American has risen above our competitors by delivering on our promise of providing quality solutions and predictable results to those who count on us.

We live up to our commitments, and provide service that is exemplary and unique. Give us a call today and start building your own value story.

Quality Solutions. Predictable Results. Call Steve Robins, Sr. We do it all ourselves. You make a lot more money that way.

The work is not that much, and the money will justify the extra work. It's much easier to troubleshoot problems when you've 'gotten your hands dirty' with the equipment.

It's difficult for an individual rep to get the same deal as a large ISO that sends in large volume. They may have the best rate on an 'A' deal you've ever seen, but the way they score the lease no one will ever get scored with an 'A.

You may have more than one account with the leasing company through different ISOs. Each ISO may have completely different contracts with the lease company.

One ISO may have to send in original apps and another may accept faxed apps only. One may require first-and-last payment where another does not.

You may have to do a verbal confirmation of the lease through one ISO but not the other. Most important is the difference in the way the lease is scored!

You may have the same merchant receive different lease scores because of the way the ISO has set it up with the lease company. This comes with free online reporting as well.

I can't justify this time expenditure for so little income. Something is wrong here! What's all the hype about this product?

Like everything else in valueadded products, it takes proper training of the ISO, good sales material and proper presentation to the merchant.

Adding gift cards definitely helps in merchant retention if it is clearly explained from the beginning.

I will not push any value-added service unless it will truly benefit the merchant this includes check guarantee and PIN-based debit.

I have encountered reps soliciting my merchants claiming how a debit PIN pad will save them hundreds of dollars each month.

It's clear to me that what is right for one person is not right for another. As such, you need to do what's right for you.

I believe the most valuable thing you have, as a Merchant Level Salesperson, is your time.

If you're a good salesperson, then you are managing your time effectively. To do Page 50 I've spoken with many Merchant Level Salespeople who have shared horror stories about how they spent their whole day at a merchant location dealing with the aftermath of a download program that got blown out because of a check services program placed on the terminal.

I've also seen these "blown out" terminal programs cause nightmare problems with merchants getting their money.

In my opinion, that is a mistake. I think it's also a mistake to try to put your own program together when you get your program or check services provider on your own.

You're better off choosing a bankcard program provider and utilizing their chosen vendor-partners. In this way, you're not taking a chance about compatibility.

You know it will work. I've spoken with many Merchant Level Salespeople who have shared horror stories about how they spent their whole day at a merchant location dealing with the aftermath of a download program that got blown out because of a check services program placed on the terminal.

Compatibility is key. You need to know that it's going to work. You need to know that many other sales reps have already tried using this terminal or check service provider on this program and have had no problems.

I also believe these large bankcard programs have a better ability to negotiate better pricing. They can get you more favorable factor rates with leasing companies.

They can get you better equipment and soft- Page 52 ware prices. They can get you better buy rates with check conversion and guarantee companies as well as gift and loyalty providers.

It's really simple. They can go to an equipment manufacturer and buy 1, or even 5, terminals at one time. They do a special deal and offload them within 90 days.

Obviously, this is a very hot topic, and I'd like to include your opinions in that discussion. The best part of going this route is that many companies are not looking to make money on these services.

Instead, they are just looking for their share of the net profit from the merchant bankcard processing service fees.

Everything is already negotiated for you. Remember, the key to vendor selection is compatibility, service and price.

Repeat after me: compatibility, service and price As always, I'd love to hear from you. Please send feedback on this topic and any others to Streetsmarts totalmerchantservices.

My next col- "Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

Ed is the driving force behind all business development activity as well as the execution of Total Merchant Services' marketing plan, including recruiting and training independent sales offices and establishing strategic alliance partnerships with leading vendors, so that Total Merchant Services can provide its customers with the highest quality and most reliable services available.

To learn more about Total Merchant Services, visit www. To learn more about partnering with Total Merchant Services, visit www.

In his rush to get away from the place before dark, he inadvertently stepped on the hubcap where he had placed the wheel's lug nuts, catapulting them into a stand of high grass.

As he searched for them he was startled to see two possessed eyes watching from the other side of the chain-link fence. The man frantically combed through the grass but in the end found only one of the lug nuts.

Just as he was about to give up and begin the long walk into town, the inmate spoke up. Why don't you just take one lug nut off each of the other wheels and put them on your spare?

With the one you found, it will hold well enough to get you into town. You shouldn't be in an asylum at all.

They suffer from image problems inherited from decades past. Remember when the fledgling frequency industry had little more to offer than trading stamps?

It's not that the sticky little things were not popular. They were popular. For years many American homes were marginally furnished by these green or blue stickers, and the currency of the day was often expressed in "books" "This guitar was eight books!

Today, many Merchant Level Salespeople are scrambling for an added-value item they can put on their menus for retailers, and loyalty is a good and logical choice.

Many believe that those mil cards and keychain tiles with the barcode are just the modern equivalent to the old sticky trading stamps.

That line of thinking will lead to disaster. Your company may already have a loyalty system that isn't exactly flying off the shelves.

If you can't understand why it's not selling, it could be that your people don't understand what they're selling. Offering a loyalty product is a different mindset than selling equipment leases and transaction agreements.

It is selling a service, not transactions. Don't use a wrench to drive a nail First, a chasm of differences separates trading stamps from a loyalty program.

Presenting retailers with an electronic trading stamp program is the wrong approach. A truly effective loyalty program provides a real "lock" on the merchant, while the electronic trading stamp program is only a "me-too" solution.

A loyalty program can and should do a good deal more for the retailer. If you don't know what the tools are and which to apply to the situation, you are not creating that "lock" with your client.

If your goal is to increase the number of transactions run through your system, then offering an electronic trading stamp program may do the job.

Just be aware that such programs do nothing to bond you with the merchant. Our experience is that the merchants drop the programs almost as fast as they sign up.

Their customers react even faster. When a majority of merchants in an area have similar offerings, then the programs do not help at all.

Trading stamps failed for the same reason: Once everyone had them, it didn't make any difference to the customer where he or she shopped.

An effective loyalty program warms a retailer's heart. It doesn't just identify the most loyal customers or reward them for their loyalty.

It educates the retailer about what made these customers the best and offers suggestions about how to convert more of them.

An effective loyalty program also encourages the merchant to do a better job of offering what customers want.

It tells the merchant when customers don't like a change in products or policies. It tells the merchant if a significant percentage of customers come from a different ZIP code, which could point to a promising location for a new store.

It tells the merchant if senior customers would prefer their own seating area in the restaurant or if new parents would like to have their favorite products grouped together in the store.

The sticky point is that one size does not fit all. How can the merchant fill the slow times, move off-season items and know if the latest promotion idea is going to work without investing in it first?

The loyalty program should provide the needed information, and a good program will do a lot of the work for the merchant.

What tools to use? Knowing how to craft such a program for your client means spending more time with him or her. It means getting to know the customers better than the merchant does and educating the merchant on how to serve them better.

It means knowing what can be done, what tools are available and which to use. In planning a loyalty program, it is important to recognize that customers who spend a lot are not always the best customers.

There are customers who spend a lot of money but only purchase items on sale or the "loss leader" items.

Rewarding these customers is only giving more money away. The goal is to identify the customers who are the most profitable.

What are the tools that make for an effective loyalty program? At the high end, an effective loyalty program identifies both the customers and the items purchased.

That requires SKU capture. Most Merchant Level Salespeople would do better to look at the middle ground where just the customers are identified and the amount of purchase is captured.

This information must be augmented by periodic SKU review and customer surveys. Instead of looking at all transactions, the program can be used to identify which receipts to look at.

The most valuable tools in electronic loyalty are the reports. Once data has been captured, the merchant can use the reports to identify the who, what, when and where of the most profitable transactions.

However, many merchants do not know how to read and translate these reports. It is the job of the loyalty provider to teach the merchant and, at the same time, identify what changes to those reports should be made to better service the merchant.

In the same way that retailers may lack the resources to craft a successful loyalty program, sales reps might not have these skills inside the company or time to acquire them.

In this case, partnering with a company that specializes in loyalty might be a better option. However, it's still best to pay close attention in selecting that partner.

Bonus Program in addition to residuals. Support composers, artists and performers so they can release more music in the future.

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Reprise Bryce Pinkham 19 To War! Have something to say? Do it! Album has no ratings. Be the first! Page views: 0 persons have this album in collection.

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