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Tobias wuchs bei seinem Vater "Marcus Eaton auf. Seine Mutter starb bei der Geburt des zweiten Kindes, dieses starb wenige Minuten später auch. Tobias verließ. - Erkunde susanneflos Pinnwand „Tobias Eaton (Four)“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Theo james, Schauspieler, Filme. - Erkunde lisa_lukads Pinnwand „Tobias Eaton“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Theo james, Schauspieler, Tris und four. Tobias Eaton in Die Bestimmung – Divergent, der Verfilmung des Romans Die Bestimmung von Veronica Roth. Dieselbe Rolle spielte er auch in den zwei. - Tobias Eaton (Four) Divergent one of my favorite quotes in insurgent.

tobias eaton

Tobias Eaton. "I don't want to be just one thing, I can't be. I want to be brave and I want to be selfless, intelligent and honest and kind." — Tobias to Tris​. tobias eaton filme. Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Tobias Eaton anzeigen. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Tobias Eaton und anderen Personen, die du kennen könntest, zu.

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Als die Eignungstests anstanden, wurden Four die Altruan empfohlen, doch er entschied sich für Ferox.

Diese Wahl traf er nur, um vor seinem Vater in Sicherheit zu sein und so weit weg von ihm zu kommen, wie möglich. Seitdem lebt er bei den Ferox und ist zufrieden damit, da er sich gut mit diesem Lebensstil identifizieren konnte.

Divergent- ja In Listen eingetragen. Würden Sie gerne auf diese Nachricht reagieren? Erstellen Sie einen Account in wenigen Klicks oder loggen Sie sich ein, um fortzufahren.

Divergent Divergent-Rpg. Gefällt mir Gefällt mir nicht. Tris, though, pulls back and reveals to Tobias that he was in her fear landscape because she's afraid of being intimate with him, thinking he only wants her for her body.

Tobias insists that's not what he thinks of her, and she says he's probably not going to be in her fear landscape anymore.

At the dinner, Tris is ranked first, and accepted into Dauntless. Tobias comes up to congratulate her, and she kisses him, not caring what others think, but she pulls back, realizing how Erudite are going to use Dauntless, insisting she'll tell him later.

Tris' assumption is proven correct, as Erudite activate a tracker serum put in every Dauntless member, making them sleepwalking soldiers, that night.

Tris sees Tobias next when she gets onto the train, and is afraid she was wrong about him being Divergent, as well. He grabs her hand, though, revealing his Divergence to her.

The two get down with the other soldiers at Abnegation, where the leaders are rounded up to be killed.

At one point, Eric decides to shoot Four to get rid of his competition, thinking no one will notice, but Tris stops him, shooting him in the foot.

She and Four run, but don't make it far because Tris is shot, and Tobias refuses to leave her. The two are brought before Jeanine Matthews , leader of the Erudite, who decides to use Tobias to test out her new simulation serum for Divergents, and leaving Tris to die since she's wounded.

Tobias tries to attack Jeanine to prevent this, but fails. Tris is saved, and comes to Dauntless headquarters in order to shut down the simulation.

She comes to the control room, where she finds Four under simulation monitoring the other Dauntless soldiers on the screen.

The two of them start fighting against each other, until Tris manages to get Tobias' gun and points it at him.

Not able to shoot him, she puts the gun in his hand and he points it at her head knowing he'd be too afraid to shoot her.

However, her voice comes through to him, and he breaks out of the simulation. They shut down the Dauntless simulation, and run out, where Caleb and Marcus are waiting.

Tris pushes Marcus away from Tobias when Marcus hugs him. She lets him know that she thinks Tobias has the right to shoot him, though she might do it herself.

They jump onto the train with Peter, who helped Tris get into the control room after she shot him, and head towards Amity headquarters.

In Free Four , the knife-throwing scene is recounted from Tobias' perspective. Tobias reveals that he was planning to become factionless after training this group of initiates.

However, after Tris keeps her composure while he throws the knives, Tobias realizes Eric has his eye on Tris the way he did on Amar the year before, right before Amar was found dead.

After arguing with Tris and leaving the arena, he realizes the depth of his feelings for her when he decides to stay to protect her.

Tobias and Tris both enter the Amity compound, where the surviving Abnegation members and loyal Dauntless have gathered. However, soon after, the compound is attacked by the Erudite, and Tobias and Tris both run towards the trains, evading the Dauntless traitors sent by Erudite.

On the train, they find Edward , one of Tris' fellow initiates who quit after getting his eye stabbed by Peter, inside, and realize they have found the factionless.

Tobias then tells them his name in order to stop them from attacking. Edward recognizes him, and brings him to the factionless leader-Evelyn, Tobias' mother.

Tobias later reveals to Tris that his mother contacted him after he joined Dauntless, and when he met her, the reunion wasn't a happy one.

Later that night, Tris overhears a conversation between Evelyn and Tobias, where she tries to convince him to get the Dauntless to ally with the factionless.

Tobias isn't sure he can make that happen since he's not someone held in high regard. Evelyn then says he should "become important.

Tris and Tobias leave to Candor headquarters to devise a plan. There, the two of them are subjected to the truth serum, and Tobias' abusive past is revealed, as well as his wish to leave Dauntless to become factionless until he met Tris.

Afterwards, Tris reveals, while under the truth serum, that she killed Will while he was under simulation. Christina is heartbroken when she hears this, while Tobias is upset he never told her this before.

Tris overhears a conversation between Marcus and Johanna Reyes , the Amity representative, about some important information that could change everything.

When she tells Tobias, though, he discounts it, saying Marcus is lying to make himself more important. Tris thinks Tobias knows Marcus better, but she still has her doubts.

When Tris and other Dauntless members are ambushed by the Dauntless traitors on the rooftop of Hancock Tower, she is captured by the traitors as a Divergent.

However, just as she manages to stab Eric, who captured her, Tobias bursts in with other loyal Dauntless soldiers, and manages to save her.

He later reprimands her for confronting the Erudite when she only had a pocket knife, and when she insists it was necessary, Tobias reveals that he doesn't want to lose her.

Meanwhile, the Dauntless have started mocking and teasing Tobias about being abused by his father.

Tobias helps the other Dauntless soldiers by spying on Jack Kang , the Candor leader, and finds out Erudite is going to send a representative of Jeanine to discuss a negotiation.

Tris figures that they need to listen in to the conversation to find out what Erudite is going to ask for.

When Tobias is openly mocked in the Candor cafeteria, he gets up and heads for Marcus, also at the compound, and publicly beats him up in the cafeteria.

Tris is shocked by this sudden outburst, but later realizes it wasn't sudden. Tobias claims he no longer wanted to be mocked by everyone, but she realizes he wanted to be held in high regard by Dauntless in order to assist Evelyn's plan for him to "become important.

Tris refuses to back down, and Tobias tags along to protect her. During the stakeout, Dauntless member Lynn shoots Max , Jeanine's representative, and Tris leads a group to the place she believes Jeanine is hiding.

Before she can get there, Lynn's sister Shauna is shot and injured. Tobias is furious with Tris for her actions, and warns her that if she continues to be reckless, he's done with her.

Dauntless members at Candor gather together to discuss Erudite's demands and their next move. They decide to create new leadership, and elect Tobias, Tori Wu , and Harrison as the new leaders.

They also decide to put Eric on trial, since he's a Dauntless member, and their responsibility. During Eric's "trial," he asks Tris to state his crimes, and she realizes it's his way of getting to Tobias.

Eventually, they sentence him to death, and he tells Tobias to execute him, hoping he will have to live with the guilt.

Tobias doesn't feel guilty at all, and kills Eric. Afterwards, Tobias jumps onto the train with the other Dauntless members to head back to headquarters.

Tobias pulls Tris aside that evening to join him for a meeting. They get on the train, where Evelyn and Edward meet with them, and Tobias says he wants to negotiate an alliance between the Dauntless and the factionless to take down Erudite.

Evelyn accepts, but after she and Edward get off, Tris reveals that she doesn't trust Evelyn, and believes she has an ulterior motive.

Tobias doesn't think she has a clear perspective, and chooses to discount her suspicions. Tris gets off the train, angry at Tobias' words.

That night, the Erudite activate a simulation serum, and send a message saying that the Divergent have to surrender or members will be killed every two days.

Tris and Christina are able to save Kee and Hector , two members under simulation, but a third member, Marlene , jumps off the roof and dies.

Tobias approaches Tris at dinner the next day, telling her not to make any decisions until they've talked about it.

When Tobias finds Tris in his room later, he reveals that he knows she's lying and planning to go to Erudite.

The two of them argue about the situation, with Tris saying this is the only solution. Tobias tells Tris just how scared he is at the thought of losing her, asking her to stay for him.

Tris agrees then, but that night, she sneaks off and goes to Erudite. Tobias later gets into the Erudite compound, supposedly trying to rescue Tris.

Tris sees him while getting escorted by Peter, and he claims he turned himself in, as well. Tobias is later brought into a room where Jeanine has Tris strapped to a table, and Tobias reveals to Tris that Jeanine wants information on the factionless safe houses.

In order to achieve this, Jeanine injects Tris with a concentrated fear simulation serum, making her completely overwhelmed by terror.

Unable to bear seeing Tris suffer, he tells Jeanine where the safe houses are. Soon after, he manages to fight off both his and Tris' guards, and runs through the hallways.

He then pulls her into a closet, where he reveals that he came here to get intel on Erudite headquarters, so that the Dauntless and factionless could break in two weeks from then, when Tris' execution was scheduled.

The two are captured by the guards soon after. Tris' execution is moved up when Jeanine becomes frustrated at not being able to find a serum to keep her under, and decides to execute her and run the experiments with Tobias instead.

Tobias desperately tries to break out of his room so he can see Tris the day of the execution. She walks by as this occurs, and puts her hand on the window, to which he puts his hand on the other side next to hers.

Tris supposedly is executed, but is actually rescued by Peter, who brings her to Tobias. The three escape together. The three escape to the Abnegation sector, where both Dauntless and factionless have come together.

Soon after, it is announced that the factionless and Dauntless will jointly raid the Erudite compound to stop their power quest. Tobias tells Tris that he's requested her to be with his team, so he's not separated from her again.

Tris, though, says she's still not comfortable shooting a gun, and Tobias tells her she can sit out of the raid. Soon after, he participates in the attack on Erudite headquarters, and heads to the main control rooms to shut down their resources.

There, he finds Marcus, trying to steal information from the Erudite hard drive. He then heads to Jeanine's private lab, where Tori has captured Tris after she tried to get the same information Marcus was after.

Tobias realized Tris sided with Marcus and betrayed him, but she argues that he should know her better to understand there was a purpose to her coming.

Caleb Prior is a member of Erudite faction. He was born in Abnegation to Andrew and Natalie Prior. He is the older brother of Beatrice "Tris" Prior.

He is described as having green eyes with hooked nose, dark hair and dimpled cheeks. He, like his sister, chooses a faction different from Abnegation, [8] spreading rumors fueled by Erudite that their parents had abused them to the point that both choose to transfer.

In Divergent , during the choosing ceremony, Caleb chooses Erudite and fits well with other Erudite initiates.

At the advice of their mother, Tris goes to the Erudite compound to meet and talk to Caleb about the simulation serum but he defends his faction.

He also feels disappointed by knowing that Natalie went to visit Tris and not him. He is also shocked when he finds out that members of Abnegation are banned in the Erudite compound.

Later, Caleb leaves Erudite after learning about their plan to use Dauntless to attack Abnegation. He joins the surviving Abnegation members along with his father and goes to Dauntless with him and Tris.

After Tris and Four shut down the simulation of Erudite, he escapes with them on the train towards Amity. In Insurgent , Caleb manages to escape with the others when Erudite and Dauntless traitors attack Amity and board a train.

They meet the factionless at the train and arrive at said sector. He later leaves for the Abnegation sector with Susan.

When Tris surrenders herself to Jeanine to save Dauntless from simulation, she sees her brother at the Erudite headquarters and finds out that he was working for Jeanine all along.

He is also the one responsible for transferring the information about Tris' aptitude test to her.

During the invasion of Marcus's group at Erudite, Caleb tries to stop them but is knocked down by Marcus. In Allegiant , with the takeover of Chicago by the factionless, Caleb is subjected to a trial for his treachery and is sentenced to death.

He is rescued by Four as per Tris' wish, although she still has not forgiven him for his betrayal.

Caleb participates in the escape from Chicago and arrives at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, a compound responsible for monitoring the factions.

Having to deal with Tris' ignorance, Caleb becomes close to Peter and spends his time reading the Bureau's extensive information, particularly regarding his genealogy.

Later, when the group attempt to expose the memory serum on the Bureau members, Caleb volunteers himself on the suicide mission, tearfully asking his sister if it will make her forgive him for his actions.

However, knowing that he only does so out of regret, Tris substitutes Caleb on the mission while telling him to pass her final message to Four: that she does not want to leave him.

Tris, while managing to complete the task, dies in the process, meaning that Caleb has lost his entire family. Upon Four's return, Caleb does as his sister asked and passes her final message to Four, angering him.

Two and a half years later, Caleb has become one of the scientists working on the agricultural division of Chicago, along with Cara, and is also successful in mending his relationship with Four, although the latter purposefully stays away from him due to his reminding him of Tris.

He also builds makeshift leg braces for Shauna, allowing her to walk again. Marcus Eaton is one of the council members of Abnegation and is the only one out of these who remains alive after the attack of Dauntless controlled by Erudite through simulation.

He was born in Abnegation and chooses Abnegation as his faction. He is the husband of Evelyn Johnson and the father of Tobias "Four", both of whom he abused thoroughly, resulting in Evelyn leaving the family to become factionless and Four transferring to Dauntless the instant he had the choice, much to Marcus' shock as he wanted him to continue living in Abnegation.

As revealed in Insurgent , Marcus is a Divergent, the realization of which is the catalyst for Tris in Allegiant into not buying the Bureau's propaganda of painting the genetically damaged as naturally retarded, as Marcus is genetically pure, yet he acts with so much ego that he might as well not be following the Bureau's logic.

Marcus is a good friend of Tris' father, Andrew, who is also a council member of Abnegation.

He is described to have been similar in appearance to his son - in particular, both of them have similar dark blue eyes. In Divergent , the Erudite spread the news of Marcus' abusive nature that resulted in his son's transferring as a way for them to discredit Abnegation.

After Tris and Four manage to stop the simulation serum on Dauntless, Marcus alongside them, Caleb, and Peter board the train towards Amity, surviving the Abnegation's massacre that claim the lives of his fellow council members, including Andrew and Mr.

In Insurgent , Marcus arrives at the Amity sector and also reveals to the Amity leader Johanna that the Abnegation leaders died to protect a secret.

He appears at Candor with Caleb after Eric's attack. Four attacks him in front of everyone as the Dauntless members are teasing him to be a coward due to his confession under the influence of the truth serum.

Upon returning to the Abnegation sector to prepare for the war against Erudite, Marcus is kicked out by Evelyn from their house, stumbling upon Tris who is reminiscing her home before the war.

He convinces her that Jeanine Matthews stole the information her parents and the other Abnegation leaders died to protect. He wants to share this information with the other factions as well.

Marcus along with his group invade Erudite headquarters and knocks down Caleb Prior when he tries to stop them.

The plan for exposing the information is ultimately successful, although Marcus himself is arrested by the factionless.

In Allegiant , Marcus is jailed for his disobedience to the factionless and is scheduled to have his hearing a few weeks afterward. During the case, Evelyn ultimately banishes Marcus from Chicago, instead of executing him.

He meets up with Johanna, who decides to provide assistance through her band of Allegiant against the factionless, although she already terminates their friendship due to the revelation of his abuses.

The two stage terror attacks at some of the factionless' weapon barracks, but heed Evelyn's offer of a ceasefire, which requires Marcus to never attempt on leading Chicago's people again.

Once Four says his final goodbye, Marcus departs and is never seen again. In the third film, Evelyn gives him the memory serum gas to wipe his memory.

Jeanine Matthews appears in Divergent and Insurgent , serving as the main antagonist in both novels. She was born in, and chose, Erudite as her faction.

Jeanine was a childhood friend of Tris' father, Andrew, but their relationship ended after he saw her subjecting a factionless into a simulation in cold blood.

She is appointed as leader of Erudite solely based on her IQ score. She developed the Aptitude Test, which has to be taken before the Choosing Ceremony.

She creates many articles about Abnegation based on lies and published in newspapers run by Erudite, to make people believe that they are not a selfless faction but rather greedy and selfish.

She created the mind-control serum she uses on Dauntless; and, with the help of Dauntless leader Eric, she makes them attack Abnegation sector.

She has sharp, watery gray eyes with an attractive face and wears glasses. She has stretch marks on her knees, and her fingernails look to have been bitten raw.

In Divergent , she develops the serum to control Dauntless and make them kill Abnegation. When Tris and Four are caught, she injects Four with another serum that supposedly works on Divergent and sends him to the Control Room to oversee the attack and sentences Tris to death.

Her plans are stopped when Tris escapes and breaks Four from his mind control, then injects the simulation serum on Jeanine herself to make her stop the Dauntless simulation.

In Insurgent , she sends Dauntless traitors and Erudite to hunt down the Divergents and bring them to Erudite headquarters for testing.

She later creates another serum, which Eric injects into Dauntless during his attack at Candor. She sends Max to Candor to bring Eric, Divergent and those who are not injected with the serum but the mission becomes a failure as Max gets killed.

When Tris surrenders herself to save the Dauntless injected with serum, she injects Tris with a terror-inducing drug so that Four will give up the locations of the factionless safe houses but she remains unsuccessful up to the end as she cannot find a simulation to control Tris.

She later orders for Tris's execution. When Dauntless and factionless attack Erudite compound, Tori corners her in her laboratory.

Tori wants to avenge her brother, who was Divergent and was killed on Jeanine's order. Despite Tris's insistence that they need her alive to access the information, stolen from Abnegation, Tori stabs her with a knife, which kills her.

In Allegiant , it is revealed that Jeanine was carrying the legacy of her predecessor, Norton, who was explicitly genocidal on the Divergents.

She also received the simulation serums for the Dauntless members from the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, although she herself resisted from expending their influence on the Chicago society whom she wanted to never discover the truth about the experiment.

Instead, she is taken for custody by Evelyn and her factionless subordinates first, then executed by Evelyn inside her prison.

Christina is a member of Dauntless faction and friend of Tris. She was born in Candor but chooses Dauntless as her faction at the Choosing Ceremony.

She was in relationship with Will which ends with his death. She has short black hair with dark brown skin and eyes.

She along with Tris got a tattoo of the Dauntless seal. In Divergent , She appears as a transfer from Candor to Dauntless.

She helps Tris on to the train and later they jump from the moving train together on the roof below. During the sparring in training activity, she pairs up against Molly, who brutally beat her up and in the end she forfeits the fight.

Eric, not happy with her, leads her and other initiates to the Chasm. He shoves her towards the railing and orders her to climb over it and hang over the other side for five minutes - if she fails to do that she will have to leave Dauntless and become factionless.

Despite her injuries, she manages to stay there for five minutes. The second time she fights, Will is placed against her to whom she also loses.

During the game of Capture the Flag , she is picked by Four as one of his team members. Tris formulates the plan to capture the flag but Christina takes the flag and later apologizes to her.

On Visiting Day her mother and sister come to meet her. During the second stage of initiation involving simulations, it is revealed that she is afraid of moths.

She also starts a relationship with Will before the fear landscape stage of initiation. She walks out on Tris when Tris comes out first among the transfers for their rankings for stage two and Peter accuses Tris for manipulating others but they reconcile after Peter's attack on Tris.

She along with other Dauntless controlled by simulation through serum attack on Abnegation and wakes up when Tris and Four shut it down.

Under the influence of truth serum Tris reveal the truth about Will's death but she forgives Tris and understand that she has no other option as Will was controlled by simulation completely.

Later, she along with Tris find out about the new simulation killing Dauntless. She goes with Tris and Marcus at Amity to inform their leader about the information stolen by Erudite and also invade Erudite compound but becomes disabled after a fight.

Along with Tobias, Peter and Amar, she goes into the city to inoculate its inhabitants against the memory serum, but gives a vial of the serum itself to Tobias to use on his mother or father in the hopes of stopping the conflict.

After Tris's death at the hands of David, Christina manages to convince Tobias not to wipe his memory with the memory serum, and in the epilogue they are shown to be close friends.

Tori Wu was born in Erudite and later chose Dauntless as her faction along with her brother George.

Her brother was thought to be killed by Dauntless and Erudite, when they found out that he was Divergent, but later turns up alive in Allegiant.

She administers the aptitude test for both Tris and Four. She is also one of the tattoo artists in the Dauntless compound and tattooed ravens on Tris's collarbone.

Later in Insurgent, she becomes one of the leaders of Dauntless along with Four and Harrison. She is of Asian descent and has small black eyes and hair with a few streaks of gray.

She has a tattoo of a black and white hawk with a red eye on her neck. In The Transfer , Tori administers the aptitude test for Four and remains quiet about him being Divergent; she later becomes friends with him during his initiation at Dauntless.

In Divergent , she is the evaluator of Tris's test and warns her to keep quiet about being Divergent or her life will be in danger. Tori reveals to her that Divergents are capable of shutting down and breaking through the simulation.

She also reminds her to keep quiet about it by telling her about her brother George, who was also Divergent and got killed because of it.

She along with other Dauntless attack the Abnegation sector under the influence of serum and killed a man. In Insurgent , she and Zeke arrive at the Candor sector in injured condition and it is revealed that they were working as spies among Erudite and Dauntless traitors but when their secret was revealed they escape to Candor to join other Dauntless.

She along with Four and Harrison elected as new leaders of Dauntless and sentence Eric to death. During the attack on Erudite compound, she manages to corner Jeanine Matthews in her laboratory and stabs her with knife which leads to Jeanine's death to avenge her brother, who was killed on Jeanine's orders.

Later she calls Tris a traitor because Tris tries to stop her from killing Jeanine, so they can retrieve the information stolen from Abnegation.

She was reluctant about finding the truth go the experiment and she was nearly killed by Jeanine's order after hiding that Tris was divergent.

Tori was killed during an ambush in Allegiant while attempting to leave the city. She dies right before she would have been reunited with George.

In the Allegiant film, she is shot dead while the group has climbed the top of the wall. Eric was born in Erudite and transfers to Dauntless.

In Divergent , he is one of the leaders of Dauntless, and is the youngest ever known. He is Four's rival as they were in the same year of initiation and Four was ranked first while he was second.

Four also suspects him of being responsible for the death of Amar, who was their instructor and a Divergent this is later proven wrong.

He is described as tall with long dark colored hair and has numerous piercings. He has dull gray color eyes which appears cold and a loud and long evil laugh.

In Divergent , he appears as one of the leaders of Dauntless. He is cruel and harsh and takes pleasure from others' pain.

He is appeared to pick heartlessness rather than continually thoroughly considering circumstances amid the session of Capture the Flag, picking a group worked for control, however losing when Four's quicker group wins.

While not preparing the starts he has requested one individual to watch out for the control room which Four controls when he is satisfaction preparing new individuals to Dauntless.

Eric endeavored to slaughter Tobias by holding a gun to his head when he was thought to be under the simulation.

However, Tris immediately hauled her firearm out and debilitated to shoot him before he could shoot Tobias. Tris wound up shooting him in the foot rather, as she knew she didn't have it in her to execute him.

He punishes Christina when she forfeits her fight due to her injuries by making her hang over the Chasm at the risk of becoming faction-less if she is incapable of doing so.

He has a competitive nature as shown during the game of Capture the Flag , where his team loses to Four's; he reacts sullenly and later violently.

He works for Jeanine Matthews and injects Dauntless with the serum which makes them attack Abnegation. Tris shoots him in the leg when he tries to shoot Four.

In Insurgent , he along with Erudite and Dauntless traitors attack Candor, to capture Abnegation survivors and Divergent for testing and also injects the Dauntless with another serum.

During the attack he kills the little Divergent boy and gets caught when Tris injured him.

When Dauntless find out that one of Erudite's peace conditions for Candor is to hand over Eric safely, the newly elected Dauntless leaders sentence him to death.

He asks Four to be his executioner, who complies. Despite his taunting and casualness, even in the face of death, he cannot be brave.

Peter appears in Divergent. He was born in Candor but chooses Dauntless as his faction. He is described as having an angelic face, dark brown eyes, dark hair and olive skin.

His nose is long with a narrow bridge. In Divergent , he first appears in the train with Christina and Tris and mocks Tris by calling her "Stiff".

During the sparring in training, he beats Tris until she falls unconscious, but loses to Edward. Eric chooses him as his team member in the game of Capture the Flag.

At the last day of their initiation's stage one, he along with Molly, Drew, and some others make fun of Tris's physique, when she heads back to the dorm to fetch her dress as her pants do not fit her anymore because of her new muscles.

Peter yanks off her towel and they laugh and make fun of her. When stage one's results come out and Edward comes first followed by Peter, Peter in his jealousy stabs Edward in the eye with a knife that night.

But Tris and Christina decide not to report him as they know that Dauntless will not do anything to Peter. When Tris comes first for the second stage of initiation, he does not take it well at all and turns Tris's friends against her by accusing her of manipulating others to seem weak and achieving better results.

He then kidnaps Tris along with Al and Drew, gropes her and hangs her over the chasm until Four comes to her rescue, supposedly in a mere attempt to scare her rather than kill her.

He is one of the few people who are not under simulation controlled by Erudite because of his already violent nature and encounters Tris, Andrew, Caleb and others when they return to stop the simulation where Tris shoots him in the arm.

He agrees to help them stop the simulation if the party will take him with them to Amity due to his fear that he will get killed because of his knowledge of computers controlling the simulations.

In Insurgent , he appears at Amity with the others, still suffering from the bullet wound. Later he steals the Erudite disk from Tris's room but later gets caught and beaten up by Tris.

During the Erudite and Dauntless traitors attack on Amity, Tris saves his life. When Tris surrenders herself to Erudite, she finds out that after the attack on Amity, Peter has joined the Erudite and he is assigned as her guard.

He fakes her death and later helps her and Four escape from Erudite. He arrives at Abnegation where factionless and Dauntless are staying and Edward confronts him.

He later declines to join the others in their invasion at Erudite. He joins the four-man team to save the people of Chicago from having their memories wiped by the Memory Serum.

During the war, Four gives a memory serum to Peter to reset his memory when Peter states that he no longer wants to be mean and cruel and wants to change.

In the epilogue it is revealed that he moved to Milwaukee , another regular city and a former experiment that failed, and works in an office that transfers residences from Milwaukee to Chicago.

In the Allegiant film, Peter makes a deal with David to convince Evelyn to use the Memory Serum gas to erase the memories of everyone in Chicago.

He also shoots Evelyn and returns to the Bureau. Edward was born in Erudite but transfers into Dauntless.

He later becomes voluntarily factionless after Peter stabs him in the eye as his injury makes it difficult for him to complete the Dauntless initiation.

He is great in hand-to-hand combat, which he learned since he was ten and is often described as fast and athletic.

He is in a relationship with Myra, who also leaves Dauntless with him but they later break up because of his increasingly violent nature.

In Divergent , he appears as a Dauntless initiate. During the sparring training he beats Peter.

When the results of stage one of initiation are announced, Edward is ranked first followed by Peter. Peter, out of anger and jealousy, along with Drew, stabs Edward in the eye with a butter knife.

Tris comforts him until the nurse arrives just like her mother did to her once and also cleans his blood off the floor. After that he and Myra leave Dauntless and become factionless.

In Insurgent , he meets Tris, Four and others after their escape from Amity on the train. It is revealed that he and Myra are no longer together due to his increasingly violent nature.

He brutally beats up Molly and Drew when they try to join the factionless division in which Edward is. He also hit Peter in the face, when he arrives at Abnegation sector with Tris and Four.

He gets shot to the side, during the attack on Erudite headquarters. In Allegiant , he is shot to death in the beginning of the book, after trying to destroy the Choosing Ceremony's bowls.

Ben Lamb plays Edward in the Divergent film. He also does not reprise the role in the sequels The Divergent Series: Insurgent and The Divergent Series: Allegiant , his role instead being replaced by a new character named Edgar , portrayed by Jonny Weston.

Abnegation is one of the five factions in the world of Divergent. It is dedicated to selflessness and forgetting oneself for the sake of others.

It was formed on the principle that selfishness and greed is the cause of human problems. Their chosen color is gray, as they all wear gray colored, loose fitting clothes.

It is represented by gray stones at the Choosing Ceremony. She is described as pretty, with blonde hair, and has pale green eyes with dimples on her cheeks.

She was originally from Dauntless and is also a Divergent like her daughter. She explains to Tris that she was born to a Dauntless leader and that her own mother had advised her to transfer into another faction to protect her from being killed due to her status.

This story, however, is only a cover-up, as Allegiant reveals that Natalie is not actually from Chicago at all, but instead from Milwaukee , another experimental city of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare.

She escaped from that city when her mother killed her father at the age of 16 and was taken up by the Bureau, whose leader, David, fell in love with her, in the fringe.

Natalie was sent to prevent Erudite from exterminating Divergents and was classified as a year-old so she could have time to adapt in Dauntless for a year.

Though she originally planned to transfer to Erudite, she fell in love with Andrew Prior and the two transferred together to Abnegation.

In Divergent , she tells Tris that she loves and supports her no matter which faction she chooses. Her husband becomes disappointed when their children choose factions other than Abnegation but she smiles at them and supports their decision.

She comes to visit Tris on Visiting Day and after finding out her being Divergent, instructs her to visit her brother and talk to him about simulation serum.

She also appears in Tris's Fear Landscape. When Jeanine sentences Tris to death, she comes to her rescue. She saves her from drowning in the tank and with her attempt to reach the sector where the surviving Abnegation are hiding.

She dies protecting her daughter from a fatal shot. Following her death, Tris still recounts her experiences with her mother while making many decisions.

Tris was given by David Natalie's diary during her first visit to the Bureau and learns about her mother's true background. At the end of Allegiant , after Tris is mortally wounded by David, she has visions of her mother reaching her arms to her for an embrace before she dies.

He was born Erudite and his parents were friendly with Jeanine Matthews but he chose Abnegation as his faction.

He is one of the council members of Abnegation along with Marcus Eaton. He is described as having a hooked nose with black hair and is an affectionate and caring man.

He becomes angry and disappointed when both his children choose other factions over Abnegation and does not visit Tris on Visiting Day as a result.

In Divergent , he becomes angry when both his son and daughter do not choose Abnegation as their faction.

He appears in Tris's fear landscape. He reunites with his son and daughter during the attack of Dauntless controlled by Erudite at Abnegation.

He goes to the Dauntless headquarters with Tris and others and becomes upset with her when she shoots Peter. He dies due to a gunshot to the stomach from a Dauntless guard under simulation control.

Susan Black is a member of Abnegation faction. She was born in Abnegation and her father is one of the council members of Abnegation.

Susan was Tris's neighbor and grew up together until the choosing ceremony. Her brother Robert transfers to Amity during the Choosing Ceremony.

She has blond hair. The Blacks are neighbors of the Prior family and she along with her brother, grew up with Tris and Caleb.

In Divergent , she appears to have a crush on Caleb Prior, which he reciprocates. During the attack on Amity, she escapes with Tris, Four and Caleb and meets the factionless on the train.

Later she and Caleb move towards the safe zone, where the surviving Abnegation are living. Black is one of the council members of Abnegation.

He has a daughter, Susan Black, and a son, Robert Black. He is the neighbor of the Priors. He uses his car to work around the city and also drives his children to and from school every day.

He occasionally offers to drive the Prior siblings as well, but they always politely turn down his offer as they would not want to inconvenience anyone.

Erin is a member of Abnegation faction. She works with Natalie Prior and informs her about a student who got sick during the Aptitude Test.

Tessa is a member of Abnegation faction. She is the wife of an Abnegation council member and lives down the street from the Prior family.

She also arrives at the safe house during the attack on Abnegation. Erudite is one of five factions in the Divergent trilogy and it's dedicated to knowledge, intelligence, curiosity, and astuteness.

The Erudite symbol is 'The Curious Eye' and the element is water to show their elegance. Their chosen color is blue.

It was formed on the principle that lack of knowledge and ignorance is the cause of human problems. Their leader is Jeanine Matthews.

Cara is a member of Erudite. She was born in Erudite along with her brother, Will, who later transfers to Dauntless.

She also works with Jeanine to develop a longer-lasting serum before the latter becomes the leader of Erudite. She has golden hair and a crease between her eyebrows like her brother.

On her rudeness Tris threatens to punch her but Will defends her sister while Natalie pulls her daughter away.

In Insurgent , Cara arrives at Candor with Erudite and Dauntless traitors but she and Fernando help the group of loyal Dauntless against them and Eric.

She has changed her mind after watching an Abnegation woman get killed during a mission. Cara also comforts Christina about Will's death and explains to her that it was not Tris's fault and she had no other choice but to kill Will, who was completely under simulation control and who would have killed her.

Cara later escapes to Amity on Tris's advice.

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Tobias Eaton - My name is Four Abonnenten, folgen, 74 Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von ⠀⠀⠀⠀ christopher ( an. Tobias Eaton. "I don't want to be just one thing, I can't be. I want to be brave and I want to be selfless, intelligent and honest and kind." — Tobias to Tris​. Shared by Besiana.. Find images and videos about divergent, insurgent and allegiant on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Ceili DDivergent. Tris Und Four · Shailene Woodley · Allegiant · Hübsche Männer · Schauspieler. Tobias Eaton. Bilder, Divergent Memes, Theo James, Tris Und Four, Shailene. tobias eaton filme. He and Hana kino p next to Uriah as they removed his life support at end of the book. He, Christina and Al do not like Tris's friendship with Dauntless-born initiates. He is coldmirror instagram the one responsible for transferring the information about Tris' aptitude test to. He congratulate, von erl my kaufen were finds Zeke and Hana, and explains to them what happened to Uriah and his role in it. He gets a low ranking in the final results of initiation and becomes factionless along with Molly. George here Four and his group to infiltrate Chicago so he and Christina can inject go here memory antiserum for their and Uriah's read more.

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